BB&T Bright Visa Credit Card Details and Review

If you are in the market for a new credit card that has no annual fees and 0% APR for balance transfers for the first 15 months, then you need to check out the BB&T Bright credit card. In this BB&T Bright credit card review, I’ll list the details and benefits so you can decide if this is indeed the right credit card for you.

The BB&T Bright Credit Card is one of the best cards to own if you consider transferring your balance. It may also be the best choice if you plan on carrying a balance every month and are looking for a credit card with low interest rates.

Read on to learn more about the BB&T Bright Credit Card and its most significant details.

About the BB&T Bright Credit Card

bb&t bright credit card

Finance Large Purchases

The BB&T Bright Visa Credit Card is the best choice if you mainly think of transferring your balances between bank accounts. It also works for you if you want to finance large purchases or are in the process of paying off debts. This card provides a generous introductory 0% APR for the first 15 months.

Low APR and Zero Annual Fee

Aside from the low APR, this card also comes with a $0 annual fee. This makes this the ideal card for balance transfers and purchases with no interest. You can do all those transactions without the need to pay additional fees. However, even though this card does not have an introductory interest, you must pay a 3% balance transfer fee.

Not Ideal for Those Who Want to Travel

The caveat about this card is that it is not ideal for those who want to travel. The reason is that it charges a 3% foreign transaction fee. It is, therefore, not great for purchases made overseas. In addition, this card does not have any standard bonuses or rewards associated with it. This means you are not even getting a signup bonus.

3% Foreign Transaction Fee

However, anyone who wants to travel or maximize the rewards they earn may prefer other cards. This is because there is a foreign transaction fee of 3%. With that, it is definitely not ideal for overseas purchases. There are also no standard rewards or bonuses associated with this card. This means there is also no sign-up bonus. Therefore, the main feature is making purchases and transferring balances with zero interest on these transactions.

Main Features of the BB&T Bright Credit Card

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Are you perchance interested in getting a BB&T Credit Card? If you are, then here are some of the most notable features of this card that you will enjoy:

1. Low APR

Since the BB&T Bright Card comes with an introductory 0% APR for purchases and balance transfers, it is a great choice for a low-interest card. It is also a good fit if you plan to transfer balances between accounts.

However, after 15 months, the APR will rise to between 11.24% and 20.24% after the introductory period ends. This rate depends on your credit score. So, this is why you must maximize the amount of savings you earned within the 15-month introduction period. Note that you’ll be spending a lot of interest afterward.

2. Improved Security Features

One quite interesting aspect of BB&T Bright is it has an array of card control features. The presence of these features can give you more control over how you use the card.

One notable feature is the ability to deactivate the card instantly in case you lose it. The same is also possible if someone stole your card. This is an important function as it will prevent fraudulent charges made on your account.

You can also use this feature to place a spending limit on your card. This helps you control yourself if you have a bad habit of making impulse purchases.

Another neat security feature is limiting the geographic locations where you can use your card. This eliminates the risk of foreign hackers illegally using your card to make fraudulent charges. This is a real problem and one that you should take seriously.

3. Zero Liability Policy

If all else fails, rest assured that you will not be held liable if a fraudulent charge is made on your card. The reason is BB&T’s Zero Liability Policy. You need to report the fraudulent charges as soon as you find them on your account. This means that even if your card details were made to make purchases without your knowledge, you would not be forced to pay for the fraudulent purchases.

4. Free Access to Your Credit Score

One useful benefit that comes with the BB&T Bright card is that you will gain access to your real-time credit score through VantageScore. This feature is free for all cardholders. It will help you keep tabs on your creditworthiness any time you want. This is possible without the need to pay a fee for accessing the information.

Again, what does the BB&T Bright Credit Card offer? The BB&T Bright Credit Card allows you to transfer your balance easily. It’s also a good card to have if you plan to carry a balance monthly and if you’re after a credit card with low interest rates.

Pros and Cons of the BB&T Bright Credit Card

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Like other credit cards, the BB&T Bright Visa Credit Card has its share of pros and cons. It will be up to you to weigh them against each other and then decide if it is worth having:


1. Lower APR than the Market Average

Even after the introductory period ends and you start getting charged APR, it is still significantly lower than average market rates. This makes it the best choice for low-interest cards if you are in the process of fixing your credit score.

2. 0% APR for Balance Transfers Made Within the First 15 Months

If you have multiple cards and want to consolidate them into just one account, you should take advantage of the introductory 0% APR on balance transfers offered by the BB&T Bright Visa card.

3. 0% APR on Purchases Made Within the First 15 Months

If you will be making a rather large purchase, then the 0% APR on purchases made using the BB&T Bright card is the best way to do so. Note that not having to deal with interest payments is good if you are working on your debt but still need to make a somewhat large purchase,

4. $0 Annual Fees

One of the best things about this credit card is that it does charge annual fees. This is yet another way to save a lot of money while working on paying off your debts and fixing your credit score.

5. Numerous Security Features

For a low APR charge card, the BB&T Bright card comes with a wide array of security features. If you are serious about protecting yourself against fraud, then this card is a terrific choice.


1. Requires Good to Excellent Credit Score

Although the BB&T Bright is an affordable card to keep, you need to have a good to excellent credit score to get it. There are still ways to get your hands on this card, even if you do not have a particularly desirable credit score. However, it will not be as easy as it should be.

2. No Signup Bonuses

Aside from the low APR and no annual fees, there are few other reasons why people would want to get the BB&T Visa card. You will not even get a signup rewards bonus for getting the card.

3. Unpredictable and Limited Rewards

There is no set rewards program for the BB&T Bright card. The only way this card can earn rewards is by accepting deals through the BB&T website. They are constantly changing, and some offers have bigger rewards compared to others.

Earning and Redeeming Points with the BB&T Bright Visa Card

As mentioned earlier, the BB&T Bright Visa card does not have a typical reward-earning program that depends on your purchases. Instead, this card comes with BB&T deals. These deals are quite easy to use since you will only need to browse the Deals website. After that, you will have to click on the deals available to collect your savings.

The BB&T Bright card does provide cashback earnings for most purchases. The cashback earnings apply to the BB&T Deals that you have in your account. This makes them even cheaper than ever.

Although the “rewards system” of the BB&T Visa card is quite unpredictable, it still has several commercial and retail participants. Among them are:

  1. AT&T
  2. Chili’s
  3. DirectTV
  4. Jamba Juice
  5. Petsmart
  6. Sears
  7. Sephora
  8. Starbucks

Requirements for the BB&T Bright Visa Credit Card

To improve your chances of getting approval for this card, you will need to have a 670 or higher credit score. This means that you need to have good credit. However, the BB&T Visa is designed for those with higher credit scores (750 to 850 scores). With that said, you should work a bit more on it if you want to get this card.

Conclusion – BB&T Bright Visa Credit Card

If you think of transferring your other cards’ balances into just one account, then the BB&T Bright credit card is one great option. This is also ideal if you plan to carry a balance monthly and look for a card with low interest rates. With that, you can work on improving your credit score further.

Even though there are few incentives to sign up for the BB&T Bright card, it still has long-term rewards. These include the no annual fee and low APR, which should be enough reasons to consider getting it.