Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card Details and Review

Do you want to reduce your work of reconciling checks, reimbursing employees, managing petty cash, and reconciling receipts? If you do, your company needs this debit card. In this Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card review, I’ll list all its details so you can see if it is the right debit card for you.

The Bento for Business card is a debit card issued by Visa that enables you to manage your finances more efficiently. It will ensure real-time control and visibility over your cash flow. This debit card offers the usual security features combined with the benefits and utility unmatched by any credit card on the market.

You can use the Bento for Business Visa debit card in all establishments, online stores, or over the phone where Visa debit cards are accepted. Businesses usually give them to their employees to facilitate and safeguard their cash flows. 

Read on to learn more about the Bento for Business Visa Debit Card, together with its features, benefits, fees, and all its details to help you determine if it will help your business financially.

About the Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card

Bento for Business - Visa Debit Card

A Debit Card That Helps Businesses Manage Finances

The Bento for Business Visa debit card is a debit card that helps businesses efficiently manage and secure their finances. This debit card can ensure real-time control and visibility over a business’ cash flow.

Security Features

It has all the security features of regular debit cards. Plus additional benefits and utilities that are incomparable to the other debit cards’ offer on the market. Companies usually give these cards to their employees, who handle and disburse cash according to their official work duties.

Make Payments for the Companies’ Expenses

Employees use these debit cards to make payments or to buy things for their companies. Then, the money is deducted from the business’ original funds on the debit cards.

You can use this Bento for Business Visa Debit Card to make payments to online stores, over the phone, or to brick and mortar stores, just like any debit card.

Not a Credit Card

It is a debit card, so you should not confuse it with a credit card. This Bento debit card comes with all the features of Visa debit cards. It allows you to manage and control your cash on hand in a more efficient way.

Established by Financial Industry Professionals

Financial industry professionals established the Bento for Business since they wanted to provide small businesses with a smarter way to control and manage their cash disbursements by using their debit cards.

Free Trial for 60 Days

There are thousands of Bento for Business debit cardholders who have benefitted from using their business debit cards. Any business can try this Bento card for 60 days for free. You can try it out by just supplying the required information on their official website.

How Does This Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card Work?

1. Visit the Official Website and Sign Up

If you want to try this Bento for Business Visa Debit Card, you can visit their official website and access their sign-up page. You have to supply your pertinent personal and business information. Filling up the sign-up form is very easy. It will only take about 1 minute or less.

2. Connect Your Bank Account

After signing up, you must safely connect your bank account to transfer your company funds into your new Bento account. The first card that you will receive is in the name of the company and the business owner.

3. You Will Receive Your Bento Card via Mail

The company will mail your card to you. All the other Bento debit cards they will issue to you will use the same Bento account. You can then distribute your company funds to these Bento debit cards.

4. Set the Spending Limits for Each Debit Card

As the business owner (or an administrator of the company debit cards), you can set the spending limits for each debit card. In this way, you can control how your employees spend the funds.

5. Create Additional Cards

You can create additional cards as you need by logging into your Bento account. These cards are an alternative to credit cards. You can swipe them like credit cards at the store’s point of sale.

6. A Credit Check Is Not a Requirement

A credit check is not a requirement to get this debit card. As a business owner, you can choose the number of cards that you want to get. The Bento for Business debit card is available in different packages. You can deposit as much cash as you want into any account.

7. Funds Are FDIC Insured

The deposited funds are also insured by the FDIC at least $250,000 through the Bancorp Bank. You can deposit different amounts on each card account and then set the spending limits for each.

8. Give One Debit Card to Each of Your Employees

Give one debit card to each of your employees. They can use them to make payments or purchases for your company. Some companies use these debit cards to pay their workers’ wages. Payments or purchases are deducted from the deposited funds and replenished when the balance reaches zero.

The Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card Can Grow Your Business

bento for business reviews

There are several ways your business can grow if you will use this Bento for Business debit cards:

1. Just In Time Purchases

With these cards at the hand of your employees in the purchasing department, your company can buy only the items your company needs. You won’t be paying for interest on borrowed money on items that lie idly in your stockroom.

Your company will also save precious time in processing payments. You will have the flexibility of paying your bills on time. This will enable your company to grow because it can control its expenses and focus on growing your business.

2. Controlled Reimbursement of Expenses

The usual problem with company reimbursements of expenses is fraud. This Bento Business debit card will put a stop to this practice in your company. If your employees use this card for company expenses, reimbursements are no longer necessary.

Your company will benefit because you will no longer see fraudulent expense reimbursements from your employees. And your employees will no longer wait a long time before reimbursement.

3. Save Time and Money

With this business debit card, your company will be able to undertake daily purchases without any reimbursements. You can cut down the purchase approval process because you don’t have to wait for the release of the check before you can buy an item.

That means less paperwork, which also means less effort. It also means less waiting time before you can buy the item that the company needs. Saving time and effort in your daily business activities will eventually lead to constant and robust company growth.

This is the primary reason why approximately 9 million businesses in the United States accept Visa business debit cards as their payment mode. All over the world, an estimated 40 million businesses are also accepting business Visa debit cards.

Again, what does the Bento for Business Visa Debit Card offer? The Bento for Business card allows businesses to manage their finances efficiently. Specifically, owners can have real-time control and visibility over their cash flow. Plus, it has the usual security features combined with the benefits and utility unmatched by any credit card on the market.

Features and Benefits of the Bento for Business Visa Debit Card

The Bento for Business Visa Debit Card has several features designed to benefit its users. Here are the most notable features and benefits that you can get from this business debit card:

1. Saves You Money

With this card, you can prevent and track unnecessary spending. You can do these two things in this way:

  • Limit merchant categories
  • Set daily spending limits
  • Turn the card on and off. For instance, turn it off if you misplaced or lose it.
  • Restrict international transactions

2. Reduces Effort from Your Employees

With this card, you can eliminate or at least reduce the work associated with approving purchases, paying for purchases, and reimbursing employees who use their own money to pay for company purchases. Then, your employees will have more time to do more meaningful tasks for your company.

This Bento debit card comes with an AI-based receipt capture feature and efficient reporting tools. There are several things these tools can benefit your company, including:

  • Automate your expense reporting
  • Store receipts and expense reports in one spot
  • Export data on any accounting platform like QuickBooks
  • Free your employees from repetitive administrative tasks and ensure that the daily closing of your accounting books will be effortless.

3. Saves You Time

Finally, the Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card will save you time. How is this possible?

  • Eliminate paper approval workflows,
  • Cut the time spent on creating and monitoring expense reports,
  • Proactively monitor every transaction in real time,
  • Set up personalized controls on each debit card,
  • Eliminate the reimbursement process, and
  • There is no need for employees to wait too long for reimbursement.

How to Sign Up for the Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card

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You can try this Bento business debit card for 60 days without charge. During this trial period, you can test the card if it will really work to your company’s benefit. To sign up, you only need to do the following:

  • Go to their sign up page at their official website,
  • Supply accurate information about yourself and your business,
  • Most applications are approved immediately,
  • Link your savings or checking account so you can easily transfer funds to your Bento business debit card, and
  • Choose your employees who will get this card and input them in the Bento system.

Fees Required by the Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card

There are specific fees that Bento requires its users to pay to get the benefits provided by its business debit cards:

  • Trial Period (60 days) – $0 (Before the 60 days expire, you will be notified so you can continue using it. At any time, you are able to remove cards.
  • Monthly Fee – there are three options: $29 per month, up to 10 cards; $69 per month, up to 25 cards; and $149 per month, up to 100 cards.
  • Set Up Fee – $0
  • Load Fee – $0
  • Card Issuance Fee – $0
  • Cancellation Fee – $0
  • Overdraft Fee – $0
  • Card Expedite Fee – $20 per card
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee – $3 per transaction (international) (only the business owner is allowed to withdraw funds from a Bento business debit card)

Conclusion: Bento for Business – Visa Debit Card

The Bento for Business card is a debit card that will help you efficiently manage your finances. It is a debit card issued by Visa that ensures real-time control and visibility over your cash flow. This card comes with all the usual security features of debit cards combined with the utility and benefits unequaled by all the credit cards on the market.

The Bento for Business – Visa debit card can help you grow your company since it can save time, effort, and money that you usually spend in managing your company finances. In this respect, this debit card is worth your consideration.