Can You Send Money from PayPal to Cash App? 

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Electronic wallets have been popular in recent years, providing an easy way to send online payments. Among others, two of the most popular are PayPal and Cash App. Can you send money from PayPal to Cash App? 

It is possible to transfer cash from PayPal to Cash App or vice versa. However, this is not a direct process. Instead, transfer money from PayPal to a bank account first, then from your bank account to Cash App. 

Read on to learn more about transferring money from PayPal to Cash App. We’ll also talk about some of the alternative e-wallets that are worth considering. 

Can You Transfer Money from PayPal to Cash App? 

can you send money from paypal to cash app

Yes, you can send money from Pay Pal to Cash App. However, the lack of collaboration between the two digital payment providers means you cannot do it directly. Instead, there is an additional step. You’ll have to send the money to your bank account first:

1. Link Your PayPal to Your Bank Account 

Start by connecting your PayPal account to your target bank account:

  • Open the website and go to Transfer Money.
  • Look for the Link a Bank prompt and enter the necessary details.
  • You must input the routing number and account number.
  • Confirm the details. 

2. Transfer Money to Your Bank Account 

Proceed to Money Transfer after connecting your PayPal and bank accounts:

  • Open the PayPal website and log in using your credentials.
  • Click Transfer Money, then choose Transfer to Your Bank.
  • Enter the amount that you’d like to transfer, double-check the details, then proceed. 

3. Connect your Cash App to Your Bank Account 

Before proceeding with the transfer, you must first connect your bank account to your Cash App. To do this,

  • Open Cash App, look for the banking icon,
  • Click Link Bank on Linked Accounts,
  • Enter the necessary details, and
  • Confirm the linking of the account. 

4. Transfer Money from Your Bank Account to Cash App 

Now that your money is in your bank account, it is time to move it to your Cash App. Open the app on your phone. You can also use your computer, but we prefer the mobile app as it is more convenient and user-friendly. 

  • Enter the log-in credentials to access your Cash App account;
  • Click Account Balance on the home screen. Choose Cash & Bitcoin;
  • Click Add Cash and enter the exact amount you would like to transfer from your bank account to your Cash App; and
  • Click Add and confirm the transaction by entering your PIN or using the Touch ID feature.

Upon completing the steps above, the money from your bank account will be sent to your Cash App.

Can You Transfer Money from Cash App to PayPal? 

In the same way that you can send money from PayPal to Cash App, you can also send money the other way around. 

1. Add Money to Your Bank Account 

The first thing to do is transfer the money from your Cash App account to your bank account. Since there is no way to transfer to PayPal directly, the money must go through your bank account first. 

  • Open the app, go to the part of the screen that shows the balance.
  • Select Cash Out.
  • Enter the amount that you would like to transfer.
  • Choose if you want the transfer to be Instant or Standard.

If standard, the transfer will take one to two days. On the other hand, Instant transfers are immediate but with a 1.5% service charge. 

2. Transfer Money from Bank Account to PayPal 

Now that the money is in your bank account, you can proceed to moving it out and transferring it to your PayPal account:

  • Open your PayPal app and click Add Money.
  • Choose the account where you have transferred the money from your Cash App.
  • Enter the amount to transfer, tap Add, and click submit.
  • Wait for the money to reflect on your PayPal account. 

Using Your Cash App Card 

To offer more services to its clients, Cash App has a Cash Card. It is a free debit card that links to your Cash App balance. You can also use it in both physical and online stores that accept Visa payments. 

1. Activate the Cash App Card 

  • On the home screen of the Cash App, click Cash Card.
  • Tap the image of the card and click Activate. If the app asks for permission to use the camera, click OK.
  • Scan the QR Code. 

You can activate the Cash App Card manually if you do not have access to the QR code. You will enter the CVV code and expiration date of the card to complete the activation. 

2. Retrieve Your Cash App Card’s Details 

To register your Cash App Card on your PayPal account, you need your bank and routing numbers:

  • Open the app and click My Cash.
  • On the screen’s lower left side, click the dollar sign.
  • Choose Cash, Direct Deposit, Get Account Number, then Enable Account.
  • Note down the bank account and routing numbers that will show on the screen. 

3. Link Your Cash App Card to Your PayPal Account 

  • Open the PayPal website.
  • Log in using your credentials and choose Settings.
  • Choose Money, banks, and cards.
  • Choose Link a New Bank Account. Input the necessary details.
  • Tap Continue.

You can now start sending your PayPal money to your Cash App balance. 

PayPal and Cash App Cash Limits 

can you transfer money from paypal to cash app

If you are sending money from PayPal to Cash App or Cash App to PayPal, you must know the cash limits. 

For PayPal, make sure that you go through the verification process, which will let you increase your cash limits. You can send up to $60,000. However, take note that you can transfer only $10,000 in one transaction. 

Compared to PayPal, Cash App has a smaller limit on the amount of money you can transfer. Within seven days, you are allowed to send $250. Meanwhile, you can receive up to $1,000 in 30 days. You can verify your account to increase the limit. 

Again, can you send money from PayPal to the Cash app? Transferring money from PayPal to the Cash app is possible, but this isn’t a direct process. You can transfer your PayPal money to your bank, then to your Cash App wallet.

Alternatives to PayPal and Cash App 

Are you looking for other mobile payment solutions? Below is a quick look at some of the best alternatives that are worth considering:

1. Payoneer

This global payment system provider works very much like PayPal. It has an active operation in more than 200 countries. More so, you can have a free account, which will allow you to transfer money to your bank account. Users also have the option to use Payoneer’s prepaid card, which works like an ATM. 

2. Google Pay 

You can use your Gmail to send money to a bank account at no cost! When writing an email, look for the $ symbol and follow the prompts to complete the money transfer. It will also allow you to make online and in-store payments, depending on the partner establishments. 

3. Venmo

This is a subsidiary of PayPal, so that you can expect the same top-notch service. It is a digital wallet that is especially popular amongst millennials. It is common amongst young users because you can leave a comment in a feed that looks like a social media platform. 

4. Skrill

A popular alternative for people looking for cheaper transaction costs than PayPal, Skrill charges only 2.9%. However, many people do not like Skrill because it has an inactivity fee if you do not use the account for 12 months.

5. TransferWise

For individuals and businesses with high-volume international transactions, TransferWise is another alternative worth considering. The platform claims that it does not inflate its currency exchange rates. More so, TransferWise will let you manage more than 40 currencies in your account.

What Is PayPal? 

When it comes to the global digital payment scene, PayPal is one name that stands out. It is an online portal that makes it easy to send and receive money from people worldwide. You can link your bank account, as well as debit and credit cards to PayPal. It can act as the middleman between the bank and a merchant. 

You can transfer money using an email address or mobile phone number through the website or the app. It is also a popular option for online payment from many e-commerce stores. Plus, with its global reputation, PayPal has made a name for helping facilitate safer online transactions. 

What Is Cash App? 

While Cash App is not as popular as PayPal, it is gaining momentum as a peer-to-peer payment system. In 2020, it grossed $385 million, representing a 212% increase from its profit in the past year. 

Cash App allows users to send and receive funds through a mobile app. You will also have a bank account and a debit card when you have a cash app account. You can use the latter for ATM transactions. Plus, it allows stock and cryptocurrency investments through its mobile app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

can you transfer money from cash app to paypal

Now that we talked about the basics of sending money from PayPal to Cash App, we’ll answer some questions that you might have below:

Can I Link My Cash App Card to PayPal? 

Yes, you can connect your Cash App Card to your PayPal account. The latter will serve as your debit card, making it easy and quick to transfer your money. 

Can I Connect My PayPal Account to Apple Pay? 

No, you cannot link PayPal to Apple Pay. However, what you can do is link your PayPal account to your Apple ID instead. This way, you can use PayPal on your iPhone or MacBook for music and in-app purchases. 

Which Is better, PayPal or Cash App? 

If we have to choose only one from the two, we would say that PayPal is a better alternative. To begin with, it is a large company with a robust global presence. Customer service is also stellar. Plus, it supports many currencies and has more services than what you will find in Cash App. 

Does PayPal Have a Debit Card? 

Like Cash App, PayPal also has its version of a debit card. This is in the form of a PayPal Cash Card, which links to your PayPal Cash Plus. You can add cash from over 100,000 physical locations in the United States. You can also easily move funds from your bank account to PayPal. 

More so, PayPal Cash Card has no monthly fee and does not require a minimum balance. Getting approval is also a breeze since there is no need for a credit check. Once you have a card, you can use it for contactless payments to partner merchants. 

Is Cash App Secure? 

Even if Cash App is not as popular as PayPal, it has robust measures to ensure the security of its users. It has state-of-the-art fraud detection and encryption technologies. With the latter, the app will prevent unauthorized access to the accounts of the users. 

Conclusion – Can You Send Money from Cash App to PayPal? 

We are living in a digital economy. Gone were the days when you need to go to the bank or any other physical location to transfer money. With payment systems like PayPal and Cash App, you can do everything online and in an instant. 

You cannot send money directly from PayPal to Cash App. Instead, it must go through your bank account. So, you will have to transfer money first from your bank account to PayPal. After this, you can open Cash App and retrieve money from your bank account.

Alternatively, if you have a Cash App Card, you can also activate it and link it to your PayPal account. This works like a debit card so that you can connect it to PayPal. After linking, you can start transferring money to Cash App.