Discover Cash Back Credit Card Details and Review

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There is nothing better than a credit card that matches your cashback 100%. There is such a card that you can get now. In this Discover Cash Back Credit Card review, I’ll discuss all its details that will help you see if it is the right credit card for you.

Discover cashback credit cards will give you cashback on everything that you buy. It also allows you to earn more on eligible purchases. This credit card provides additional rewards within a certain amount that you spend or within a certain timeframe of your spending.

One of the biggest come-ons of the Discover it credit card is the 100% matching of your cashback. At the end of your first year, the card’s issuer will credit to your account an amount that matches the total cashback amount that you have earned.

Read on to learn more about the Discover cashback credit card, its features, benefits, pros and cons, and things that you should know so you could decide if it is worth getting.

About the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

Discover Cash Back Credit Card

Additional Rewards on Qualified Purchases

The Discover Cash Back credit card is a credit card that offers additional rewards on qualified purchases within a timeframe or within the amount that you are allowed to spend. You can earn cash back on every purchase with this card, not just on eligible items.

Doubles Your Cashback at the End of First Year

One of its main attractions is the doubling of your cashback at the end of your first year. Discover will match the cash backs that you have earned and credit it to your account. This means Discover will give you an amount equal to the amount of your cashback.

Cashback Credit Card Is Absolutely Free

Discover it cashback credit card is absolutely free. You are not required to pay annual dues to use the card. And it is also easy to activate. If you use the Discover mobile app, your online account, you can easily activate the 5% Cashback Bonus. And outside of that 5%, you will still get 1% unlimited cash back on all your other purchases.

Credit Limit

Like any other cash card, Discover will provide you a credit limit. The least you will get is $5,000. Some have reportedly got a very high limit of $100,000. It really depends on the quality of your credit score. The minimum credit line of this card is $1,000.

Low-risk Way of Spending

The Discover Cash Back Credit Card is a low-risk way of spending. If you activate the bonus category, you will earn 5% cashback on purchases up to $1.500 in your purchases in rotating categories per quarter. After that limit, you will still earn 1% cashback on all your other purchases.

No Annual Fee

There is no annual fee required to get this card. The fees for all transactions are also low. Earning rewards and redeeming them is relatively easy. Overall, the Discover it cashes back credit card will enable you to save money while spending it. It may be the credit card you are looking for.

Key Features of the Cash Back Credit Card

Like any other cashback credit card, Discover has many features to help you save money on your purchases. While all its features are beneficial, some of them are more valuable than others. Here are these features:

1. Welcome Offer

The issuer of this card has designed a different welcome offer. They did not follow the usual method offered by other cashback credit cards. Discover it implements its own Cashback Match Program.

The card issuer uses the total amount of your cash backs accumulated throughout your first year and then credits you an equal amount. This means your money is doubled by Discover it. There is no other cash-back credit card that offers this welcome bonus.

So, the amount of your reward will depend on how much you want it to be. If you use your Discover it card for most of your purchases, the higher your welcome bonus will be. For instance, if you maximize the $1,500 spending limit on your 5% categories, you will accumulate around $300. Discover will match that amount with another $300. So you get $600.

After going over your spending cap, you still get 1% cashback on all your other purchases. Adding them all up, Discovery’s welcome offer is more than the standard $150 to $200 welcome bonuses of other cashback credit cards.

2. Earn 5% Cash Back

You can earn 5% cashback on your everyday purchases at various stores every quarter. This credit card is honored by the following:

  • Most restaurants,
  • Grocery stores,
  • Gas stations,
  •, and many more.

You can also use it to pay for things through PayPal.

3. Earn 1% After the 5% Limit

After going over the threshold limit of $1,500 of the 5% cashback, all your other purchases will earn 1% automatically. So, all your purchases are covered, and nothing is left out.

4. Zero APR

Discover it also adopts a zero APR for your first 14 months after signing up. This is honored on all your purchases and balance transfers. There is a 3% Intro Balance Transfer fee until Nov. 10, 2021. The Standard Variable Purchase APR ranges from 11.99% to 22.99%. Up to a 5% fee will be charged for future balance transfers.

5. Zero Annual Fee

Discover does not require its cardholders to pay an annual fee to take advantage of its perks and benefits.

6. 99% Nationwide Acceptance

Discover it Cash Back credit cards are honored by 99% of business establishments that accept credit card payments throughout the country.

Again, what does the Discover Cash Back Credit Card offer? The Discover Cash Back credit card offers its customers cashback on every expense they have. Also, the credit card gives additional rewards after their customers spent a certain amount within a specific period.

Interest Rates, Charges, and Fees of the Discover It Cash Back Credit Card

discover it cash back credit limit

APRs and Interest Charges

Here are the APRs and Interest charges that you need to know when using the Discover It cashback credit card:

  • Zero percent APR for 14 months after you have signed up.
  • After the first 14 months, you will be charged from 11.99% to 22.99% APR on all your purchases, based on your credit score. Your APR will also vary with the market depending on the Prime Rate.
  • Cash Advance APR – the rate is 24.99% which will also vary with the market, according to the Prime Rate.
  • APR Penalty – there is no penalty
  • Minimum Interest Charge – If ever interest is charged on your purchases, it will start from $0.50, and no less.


Here are the fees that may apply if you will use this cashback credit card

  • Annual Fee – zero
  • Transfer Fee – zero introductory APR balance transfer; 3% intro fee based on the amount of every transfer, for each transfer that posts to your account by Nov. 10, 2021. After this period, 5% of the transfer amount.
  • Cash Advance – either 5% or $10, whichever is greater, of the amount of cash advance.
  • Penalty Fees – up to $40 for returned payments; zero for your first late payment and then up to $40 for your succeeding late payments.

Benefits of the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

Understanding the benefits, you will get from a particular cashback credit card will also sway your decision. Here then are some of the most notable benefits of the Discover it credit card:

1. Safety and Security of Your Purchases

This card has a feature that can turn your account on and off whenever you need to. For instance, if you have misplaced your card, you can freeze your account through your mobile app or the credit card website. This will prevent new purchases, balance transfers, or cash advances.

2. Activate Social Security Number Alerts for Free

Discover will send you an alert to find your SS number on any dark website when you activate this feature.

3. Zero Liability on Fraudulent Transactions

Discover it offers no liability for any transactions on your credit card which you did not authorize.

4. Exceptional Customer Service

With Discover it credit cards, you can expect 100% U.S.-based customer service that you can call 24/7.

5. Free FICO Credit Score

Discover it also offers FICO credit score services for free to its cardholders.

How to Earn Cashbacks with the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

Cardholders can earn 5% cashback on spending up to $1,500 in various categories every quarter. The earnings are based on the cashback calendar that the company follows. But you need to activate the bonus category every quarter to get this rate.

Once you get over the limit or fail to activate a bonus category, you will only earn 1% cashback on your purchases. Apart from this cashback in your first year, the company also offers a $50 referral bonus of up to 10 referrals per year. So, if you could refer 10 friends and they signed up with Discover, you will get an additional $500.

Discover’s Calendar for Its Cashback Program

In earning the rewards, Discover follows a schedule for its 5% cashback program. Here is the calendar that they follow:

  1. Jan. to Mar. 2021 – earn 5% at CVS, Walgreens and Grocery Stores, spending of up to $1,500 when you activate. It also includes Walmart grocery pickup and delivery but does not include other purchases in Walmart and Target stores.
  2. Apr. to Jun. 2021 – earn 5% at Select Streaming Services, Wholesale Clubs, and Gas Stations, also on spending of up to $1,500.
  3.  Jul. to Sept. 2021 – earn 5% on spending at PayPal and Restaurants, still with a $1,500 cap on purchases if you activate.
  4. Oct. to Dec. 2021 – earn 5% on purchases at, Walmart, and, again, with a $1,500 cap on purchases if you activate.

How to Redeem Cashbacks with the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

discover it cash back review

Electronic Direct Deposit

There are many ways you can redeem your accumulated cashback points. And they are all easy to do. You can choose to get them in cold cash through an electronic direct deposit to your account or in the form of a statement credit reflected on your card balance.

Other Options

  1. Payments towards and checkout purchases
  2. Charitable donations
  3. Gift cards that range from $5 to $200, in increments of $5)

Requirements of the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

To be approved for a Discovery it Cash Back Credit Card, you must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. You must be a U.S. resident who is 18 years old or older.
  2. You must have a credit score of 690 or better.
  3. Submit documents verifying your identity, such as authorized ID card, passports, and the like.
  4. You are willing to authorize Discover it to receive and exchange your personal information from your employer, bank, and credit bureaus for the purpose of identity verification.

Pros and Cons of the Discover Cash Back Credit Card

To complete my review of this cashback credit card, I will now give you its pros and cons.


  1. The most attractive thing about this card is its promise to double the amount of your cash back on your first year after signing up.
  2. You can earn 5% cash back on your purchases on your chosen category every quarter for up to $1,500 of purchases, and then 1% cash back after going over that limit.
  3. There is no annual fee.


  1. Overall, the reward rates for most purchases are low.
  2. Lack of chances to get additional value from rewards through balance transfers.

Conclusion: Discover Cash Back Credit Card

You will earn cashback on all your purchases using the Discover cashback credit card. One of its most attractive features is matching the cash backs accumulated in your first year.

You can also earn more cash backs with this card on eligible purchases. It also offers additional rewards within a certain time frame of your spending or a certain amount. The potential of doubling your cashback amount in your first year is a very tempting offer. This could sway the decision of many people about getting this credit card.