PNC Core Visa Credit Card Details and Review 

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If you are trying to build your credit or consolidate your debt, a good credit card can help you have a healthier financial life. Among others, the Core Visa is one of the options worth considering. In this PNC Core Visa Credit Card review, I will talk about its details and features, so you can decide if this is the right credit card for you. 

The PNC Core Visa Credit Card offers no annual fee, a $100 welcome bonus, and an introductory zero interest rate for purchases and balance transfers made on the first 15 billing cycles. More so, the card has zero liability protection, intuitive online tools, and reliable customer service. 

The table below presents a quick rundown of the rates and fees for PNC Core credit cards: 

Annual Fee None 
Annual Percentage Rate 10.99 to 22.99% for purchases and balance transfers
24.99% for cash advances
Balance Transfer Fee$5 or 3% for the first 15 months
$5 or 4% after
Cash Advance Fee $10 or 5% 
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Penalties $38 for late and returned payments 

Read on to learn more about the PNC Core Visa Credit Card, including its pros and cons. 

About the PNC Core Visa Credit Card

pnc core visa credit card

From individual customers to small businesses, PNC has been serving a diverse market since its establishment. It has many products and services, such as:

  • Checking accounts,
  • Mortgage,
  • Auto loans,
  • Retirement, and
  • Savings.

The bank also offers several credit cards, including the following: 

  • Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card 
  • Premier Traveler Visa Signature Credit Card 
  • Secured Visa Credit Card

While PNC has several cards, in this review, I will talk about Core Visa. The latter offers a great way to save in interest rates as it has an introductory zero APR on the first 15 billing statements. To add, it has no annual fee and comes with an attractive bonus offer! 

Main Features of the PNC Core Visa Credit Card 

What makes the PNC Core Visa an impressive option for a credit card? In this section, we’ll talk about some of its most notable features:

1. $100 Welcome Bonus 

One thing that attracts many people to a credit card is the welcome offer. With that, you have a good reason to apply for a PNC Core credit card because the bank is offering a $100 welcome bonus for its new members. To qualify, you need to spend at least $1,000 within the first three billing cycles after opening your account. 

2. 0% Introductory APR 

You can save on interest rates with this credit card. New members can enjoy an introductory zero APR on purchases and balance transfers. Nonetheless, you must transact within the first 15 billing cycles to enjoy this benefit. 

3. PNC Easy Lock 

If you lose your card, Easy Lock is one of the security features that can provide you with peace of mind. Instantly lock your card in real-time so that no one can use it without you knowing. You can do this within seconds through the mobile app. Meanwhile, if you find your card, you can unlock it immediately. 

4. Zero Liability Protection 

Have you ever experienced having an unauthorized or fraudulent transaction on your credit card? You don’t have to worry that you will pay for it. With Zero Liability, report the case as soon as possible. In turn, you do not have to pay the bank for such charges. 

5. Contactless Technology 

A common innovation that you’ll find in today’s credit cards will minimize cloning and fraud. Instead of swiping your credit card to a terminal, you can tap it on the reader. As a result, there’s a lesser chance that someone can steal your information. Not to mention, it is also a quick and convenient way to pay.

Rates and Fees of the PNC Core Credit Card

pnc core visa credit card review

Like other credit cards, there are fees associated with their use. Below is a look at the rates and fees for using the PNC Core:

1. Annual Fee 

The annual fee is one of the most common charges on a credit card. It is a payment on your card’s anniversary. If you do not pay, the issuing bank will cut your membership. Thankfully, the PNC Core Visa has no annual fee. Keep using your credit card without worrying about yearly payments! 

2. Annual Percentage Rate

Whether for your purchases or balance transfers, the card has an annual percentage rate of 10.99 to 22.99%. The latter is the corresponding interest rate. Meanwhile, for cash advances, the APR is 24.99%. Nonetheless, the rate will vary from one person to another, depending on your credit rating. 

3. Balance Transfer Fee 

Before transferring your balances from other cards, take note that there are corresponding fees. You must pay 3% of the balance transfer amount or $5, whichever is higher. However, take note that this is only an introductory rate. After 15 months, it increases to 4% or $5. 

4. Cash Advance Fee

If you use your PNC Core card for cash advances, you will pay 5% of the total amount or around $10, whichever is higher. 

5. Foreign Transaction Fee 

Think twice before using this credit card when you are in another country. It charges a 3% foreign transaction fee.

6. Penalties 

When you have a late or returned payment, you will pay a penalty of up to $38. This is relatively high, so make sure to pay on time and avoid any potential problem with the check payment you will issue. 

Again, what does the PNC Core Visa Credit Card offer? The no annual fee PNC Core Visa Credit Card offers you many benefits, including a $100 welcome bonus, introductory zero interest rate for purchases, and balance transfers. Plus, this card gives you zero liability protection, intuitive online tools, and reliable customer service.

Pros and Cons of the Core Visa Credit Card by PNC 

pnc core visa credit limit

Undecided if this credit card is a good option for you? I will share some of the good and the bad in this card.

Pros of the PNC Core Visa 

If you’re looking for more reasons to get this credit card, some of the most notable benefits are below:

1. Does Not Charge an Annual Fee

 As earlier mentioned, this credit card does not have an annual fee. It is one of the best ways to save money while using a credit card. You can enjoy reliable service without the high maintenance costs.

2. Competitive Interest Rates 

Whether for your purchases or balance transfers, you will love how this card comes with a low-interest rate. The specific rate, however, will depend on your creditworthiness. Regardless, it is a bit lower compared to most of its competitors. 

3. User-Friendly Online Tools 

Another plus about this credit card is that it has easy-to-use online tools for account management. You can do this through PNC’s website and mobile app. Aside from keeping track of your transactions, you will have a Virtual Wallet to help your budgeting.

4. Reliable Customer Support 

It is also a good thing that the company has a dedicated team of US-based customer support representatives. They have people who are available throughout the week. So, someone is immediately available to extend a helping hand. 

5. Good Security Features 

Your security and privacy are essential to the bank. With that, this credit card offers a variety of security features for your peace of mind. With fraud protection built-in on the card, there is a low chance that other people will use it without your knowledge. 

Cons of the PNC Core Visa 

While it is a good credit card, there are also several drawbacks, including those I will talk about below:

1. Has No Cashback or Rewards

A good credit card offers cashback or rewards for everything that you spend. This way, you will get the best value for every dollar. Unfortunately, the PNC Core does not offer such a perk. You won’t accumulate points that you can exchange for various rewards. 

2. Charges a Foreign Transaction Fee 

I don’t recommend this credit card to travelers. It has a 3% foreign transaction fee, which can add to your expenses in a foreign country.

3. Charges a Balance Transfer Fee 

In the same way that it charges you for foreign transactions, it also has a balance transfer fee. Because of this, it isn’t the most practical option for those who would like to transfer their balances from other cards. 

Application Requirements 

The application process is quick and easy. You can do it online, and it will only take a few minutes. If you want this credit card, you will need to provide the following details: 

  • Full name 
  • Residential address
  • Birthdate 
  • Social Security number 
  • Annual income 
  • Monthly housing payment 

Conclusion – PNC Core Visa Credit Card 

If you are looking for a credit card with no annual fee, the PNC Core Visa is one of the top options worth considering. It is from a reputable bank, so you can be confident that the service is second to none. The credit card also has a $100 welcome bonus and introductory APR for your balance transfers and purchases. 

Not convinced to choose this card? You might have a change of mind after learning about its low interest rates, easy-to-use, online tools, and exemplary customer support. Nonetheless, there are several drawbacks, such as the lack of rewards and the 3% foreign transaction fee.