T3 Trading Group Review – Is T3 Trading Legit?

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Has T3 Trading Group asked you to come for an interview? It seems that this trading company is a prop trader based in New York City. Is it an excellent company to work with? T3 Trading Group – is T3 Trading legit?

Yes, T3 Trading Group is 100% legit. Many traders in the stock market work with this company. You should be aware that their traders are not salaried workers. They work for their commissions since this is a common arrangement. They have a solid group environment, and their training is good.

T3’s educational services will give you a good start if you are new to trading. Be aware that you have to pay for a monthly subscription of $195. You can save a lot if you opt to pay the annual rate of $1,995. That brings down the cost to just $166.25 a month. Their chat room offers an excellent service to their traders.

Read on to learn more about T3 Trading Group, if they are legitimate or not, the services they are offering, and if it is the right trading company for you to work with.

T3 Trading Group Review

T3 Trading Group review

Is T3 Trading Group legit? That’s a question beginning traders usually ask. T3 is a legitimate trading company. While that is true, you will earn your income in this company through commissions. They don’t have salary-based traders because a commission basis is a norm in this industry.

Excellent Place to Learn How to Trade in the Stock Market

If you are learning how to trade in the stock market, T3 is an excellent place to start. They offer pretty good training, and they have a solid group environment. Their chat room is worth checking out, and the services they offer are pretty good.

Charges a Monthly Subscription

You should know that they charge their traders a monthly subscription of $195 per month. But you can save a lot if you choose to pay their annual fee of $1995. That brings your monthly fee down to just about $166.25.

Registered SEC Broker-Dealer

This company is a Registered SEC Broker-Dealer and Member of FINRA/SPIC. Their trading systems focus mainly on technical analysis to develop better trading strategies. This company is a complete destination for traders who want to maximize their performance and earnings in the current financial markets.

Services Offered

It also offers various services, including the following:

  • Trading programs,
  • Brokerage,
  • Education, and many more.

More About T3 Trading Group

Fully Integrated Proprietary Trading Company

T3 Trading Group, a fully integrated proprietary trading company, provides the following:

  • Remote and on-location brokerage services,
  • Training programs, and
  • Trading education.

Aside from being a registered SEC broker-dealer, they are also a NASDAQ PHLX member.

Main Headquarters in NYC

They have many branches worldwide, but their main headquarters are based in New York City. T3 Trading Group must have Series 57 or Series 7 licenses for Class C members as a proprietary trader.

This license provides this company ‘Professional’ leverage utilizing firm capital. Also, their members have to give a capital contribution. Plus, they can negotiate different profit splits and leverage amounts based on record and experience.

Leading Executives of the Company

T3 also offers financial-related educational services and a virtual trading floor chat room under T3 Live. The three leading executives of this company are in charge of T3 Live. They are Sean Hendelman, Marc Sperling, and Scott Redler.

Scott Redler

The Chief Strategic Officer of T3 Live is Scott Redler. He runs T3’s virtual trading floor and broadcasts live every morning, discussing the current market conditions and the potential trade setups of the day.

Marc Sperling and Sean Hendelman

Marc Sperling and Sean Hendelman are the traders in the virtual trading room. Both of them have ten years of trading experience. They discuss their trades on the T3 virtual trading floor and what they hope to get from them.

Open to Different Levels and Ranges of Trader Experience

T3’s educational programs are open to different levels and ranges of trader experience. They are designed for newbies who are just starting and the more experienced traders who want to improve their present status.

Cover Technical Setups, Chart Reading, and More

T3’s educational resources cover topics that range from technical setups and chart reading to more complex financial instruments such as options trading and FOREX. This trading group has been in this business long enough to prove itself many times.

Provides Community for Traders at All Levels

It focuses its educational programs on teaching new and hopeful traders and provides a community for traders at all levels to share and gather ideas. T3 Trading Group can be considered a consistently profitable prop firm in this aspect.

Is T3 for You?

T3 Trading Group is often compared to other trading firms like Maverick Trading and Topstep Trader. That’s because all three trading firms are called prop firms accessible via publicly trading. These companies use their capital in performing their trading.

For Serious Traders

So, T3 Trading Group is attractive to serious traders. They are the people who are more willing to invest their capital and are prepared to think of themselves as professional proprietary firm traders.

Open to All Traders of All Educational and Skill Levels

These people are committed to passing the Series 57 licensing exam to further their careers with the company. Still, T3 Live.com is open to all traders of all educational and skill levels. You will be able to profit from it whether you are a novice or you are a seasoned trader.

Both types of traders can hone and sharpen their skills, improve their knowledge, and expand their methods and management of their trading in T3 Trading Group.

Training and Education Available at T3

is t3 trading legit

The education and training environment in T3 Trading Group is wide and varied. They offer home study programs online and in-house live training. You can partake of any of these training at your own pace.

T3 also offers a Platform Development Program which teaches the following:

  • Understanding Algorithms and HFT
  • Cycle of Stock Movement
  • Chart Patterns
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Money Management

1. On-Location Training

They also provide on-location training for their member traders. This gives traders the added benefit of getting immersed in the entire professional trader ecosystem. Members are provided the opportunity to get close to seasoned mentors and traders the whole day and watch them navigate throughout the trading day.

2. Live Interactive Courses

Redler Ultimate-Access Course

T3 offers individual courses that provide personalized and in-depth mentorship training. They have the Redler Ultimate-Access course, which offers 20 traders full access to Scott Redler’s 12-month online mentoring program.

This course includes webinars, monthly in-depth training sessions, a private Facebook group, transcripts of all lessons, and a live retreat in New York City. This course is offered at $4,995.

Other Courses

  • 5-Day Private Mentorship, Quant Edge Coaching Program with Rob Smith, and Omega Prop Trading Program, all for a fee of $2,195.
  • Options Training Program with Doug Robinson, for a fee of $495.

3. Online and Home Study Training

T3 Trading Group also offers several interactive online and remote home study programs. You can access them via their web portal TSLive.com. The said online courses are for retail traders who are not members of the T3 group.

Home Study Programs

T3’s Home Study Programs offer individual courses for $477. This price is comparable to the cost of the courses offered by other companies like Investopedia Academy.

The condensed “Pristine Method” of Greg Capra, Pristine Trading co-founder, is included in T3’s Home Study Programs. This trading methodology in a 319-page course booklet and 11 on-demand videos for only $477. The original price is $795.

Other Courses Included in T3’s Home Study Programs

  • Quant Edge Home Study
  • Advanced Gap Strategies
  • Advanced Management Strategies to Forex Profit Accelerator Lab
  • Options Home Study
  • Advanced Technical Strategies
  • Advanced Scalping Techniques

4. Chatroom and Alerts Service

Virtual Trading Floor (VTF)

T3 also offers various live trading chat rooms, which you can access through T3Live.com. The company calls them Virtual Trading Floor or VTF, where the moderators post their positions and trades for the entire day.

They give their analysis and narratives so the trader members will learn and adopt the trades themselves. These are primarily for short-term momentum trades and not for long-term stock picks. Traders also need to monitor the markets to profit from them actively.


The Quant Edge Room costs $195 per month, and the Black Room VTF is priced at $195 per month. Viewers or traders are advised not to piggyback the trades. They should only adopt them if they know the risks fully and how to manage them.

Again, is T3 Trading Group legit? T3 Trading Group is a legitimate prop shop. Note that you can only earn here through commissions. However, they offer excellent training and community.

T3’s Tools and Platform Features

what is t3 trading group

There are three trading platforms T3 is offering its trader members. They are Sterling Pro, Lightspeed, and Fusion:

1. Sterling Pro

This platform has the most features of all three. It includes the following:

  • Charts,
  • Scanners, and
  • News feed.

Together with these three elements are execution and seamless direct-access routing.

2. Lightspeed

This platform offers essential tools to enhance order routing and execution and improve flexibility and depth. It contains extended hot-key programmability down to every individual ECN.

3. Fusion

This platform also offers all the basic tools traders need to trade successfully. It includes the following:

  • Time and sales,
  • Hot-keys,
  • Tickets,
  • Charting,
  • Point-and-click direct access order routing,
  • Level 2, scanner, and
  • Time and sales.

4. Customer Service

T3’s customer service offers immediate customer service, including tech support to on-location prop traders. Remote traders can access this service through T3’s branch offices. They can use their phones, instant messenger, or send e-mails during market hours to access this service.

5. Borrows and Locates

T3 also offers professional prop traders wide-range short-sale borrowing capacities, which are more sizeable than retail short-sell lists. Their professional rank gives them greater access to make locates faster and broader. You can also access even the most difficult hard-to-borrow stocks (HTBs) to short-sell. That is if you’re a T3 group member.

6. Execution and Routes

T3 trader members also have wide-ranging access routing capabilities to dark pools and popular exchanges. You can easily program hot-keys on every platform. They also offer instantaneous fills if they are made on direct access orders.

7. Research Tools

Every T3 platform has its separate basic stock scanner, including multiple watch list capacities. Also offered by T3 is a customized scanner. This is an add-on feature that is powered via Trade-Ideas for T3 members.

What’s In It for You at T3

Earn via Commissions

As mentioned, member traders of T3 earn their income via commissions, not through salaries. Commissions paid by T3 vary by individual, and they can range between $0.001 and $0.005 per share. It will also depend on the negotiated profit splits (90/10 or 50/50) and trading volumes.

Enjoy Leverage as High as 20-to-1 on Equity Trades

There are also monthly charges for live traders at different branch locations. They will take care of the software, data, and desk fees. These fees will be more expensive for members who are considered Professional traders.

They are more expensive compared to the fees charged to non-professional traders. However, professional traders enjoy leverage that could reach as high as 20-to-1 on equity trades. Also provided by T3 are Forex trading, futures, and options.

Sponsor Traders to Get the Series 57 License

T3 sponsors traders if they want the get the Series 57 license. If they pass the 57 license exams, they will be granted the status of ‘Professional.’ This will allow them to bypass the $25,000 PDT rule and access greater leverage.

But be aware that members are required to invest at least $7,500 in risk capital contribution. This amount will take care of the trading losses and fees.

Pros and Cons

These T3 Trading Group reviews will not be complete if I will not give you the pros and cons of this company:


  • Access to different trading platforms
  • Professional leverage for licensed members
  • Great support and comprehensive trader ecosystem which encourages growth
  • Sponsors Series 57 licensing
  • Access to the leading world-class in-house traders


  • Have to invest a considerable amount of money as risk capital contribution
  • Training programs are expensive

Conclusion: T3 Trading Group Review

T3 Trading Group is a legitimate company. They have many professional stock traders working with them. However, you should be aware that their traders work for their commissions. Meaning they don’t work for their salaries.

This arrangement is typical for the industry, though. They have a solid group environment, and their training is above average. Their chat room offers an excellent service to their trader members.